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Pixel Studio FX includes designs, fonts, icons, stock images, and award winning templates.
You don't need anything else to build the best eCovers in the world.

  • 14,000+ Unique Designs

  • Over 180 Web Fonts

  • 8,000+ Stock Images

  • Over 6,000 Web Icons

  • 250 Award Winning Template

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Because First Impressions Count

Companies like Apple spend over $11.6 Million Dollars every year just to design the best packaging for their brand.

With Pixel Studio FX, you will never...

- Spend hours finding the “right designer” on freelance sites.
- Spend $100 to $500 per design.
- Play the “waiting game” for your design to come back wrong.
- Be frustrated that someone doesn't get your design vision.

13,000+ Members Because It Works

With over 24 months of development and close to $150,000, Pixel Studio FX is a tool that we are proud of, stand behind, and use in our business daily.

In fact, we have many big name marketers that you probably know, who love Pixel Studio FX and count on it for their designs.

Powerful & Professional eCovers ... in Seconds

Design is always the “hardest” element in most online businesses. With over 250+ unique templates in over 23 niches, we’re giving you the edge in one dashboard to create designs that get you results.

The Power of Pixel Studio FX

If you’re an affiliate marketer, software creator, eCommerce website owner, or blogger, eCovers are important to you and your business. Pixel Studio FX will create the eye popping design you need to succeed.

Easy to Use - Cloud Based

Pixel Studio FX is 100% cloud based. Works on Windows or Mac. Tested on multiple devices and operating systems; even tablets and mobile devices. You login and access the design studio online - all you need is an Internet connection.

Watch How Pixel Studio FX Creates eCovers In 60 Seconds From Scratch

Pixel Studio FX was designed with you in mind.


SPECIAL: Enterprise/Commercial License Included For Free!

Sell these designs as your own and keep 100% of the profits!

  • Arelle White
    Pixel Studio Fx is so non-techie and non-designer friendly. I used to rely on other people and have to wait days to get back an E-cover done. This cool software allowed me to land a consulting contract worth thousands of dollars just because it took me 2 minutes to create something customized. How did it happen? A bestselling book author I follow on Facebook posted a survey asking which of the 3 book titles should he use. I quickly went to PSFX to create a cover with my choice of title and put his name on it. He immediately PM'd me on Facebook, asking if I was a designer. It opened up the door for me to share about my digital marketing and it immediately became a contract. I really enjoy the autonomy of doing stuff with out having to depend on designers like i used to.
    Arelle White PixelStudioFx landed me a USD3,000 contract plus recurring, fast and easy to use.
  • Margaret Lukasik
    I write e-books and Bible studies so I need creative e-covers with the ability to create the same with a 3-d effect. I also desire a quality and professional look. Pixel Studio FX does the job! I've not only created great covers from the software but I've been able to create 3-d covers for digital covers I've made before I got the software. My covers have received many great comments so I'm very happy with the results! I highly recommend this software to anyone who creates ebooks, reports, subscriber information and more. I Love It!
    Margaret Lukasik
  • Julie Williamson
    PSFX is one of my best purchases, was so easy to use I was amazed, The templates are professional quality and I got rights to sell to clients. Amazing tool at an amazing price, the only thing I had trouble with at first was editing the book end, specifically flipping the text. Hat's Off to guy's because support is quick and helpful, and since PSFX is updated regularly. It's comforting knowing I'm in good hands. Thanks for the upgrade from PSFX 1.0 to 2.0 as promised when I purchased, I would get lifetime updates. Thought it would be nice to submit a quick word to tell you guys thanks I love your product and appreciate the free upgrade. Keep up the good work! All The Best, Julie
    Julie Williamson I Am So Happy With PSFX That I'd Buy It Again
  • Malcolm Pollard
    Jimmy, I've got to say that Pixel Studio FX 2.0 is the bomb mate! I've been using version 1.0 for just over a year now. Let's just say I know enough about Photoshop to be dangerous and the amount of mucking around to create an eCover is just stupid (at my level of ability)...ha! I've developed several pro quality ebook covers with Pixel Studio FX and it's meant a 53% increase in opt-in/downloads of the lead magnets where I used an eCover created with Pixel Studio FX. Just brilliant...super easy to use and intuitive interface, and a super professional finished product. Love the improvements in the version 2.0...I know lots of people say outsource all this kind of artwork, but seriously, I can create a stunning ebook cover in like 5-10 minutes faster than writing the description email to a Fiverr designer! That's worth the tiny investment price in my book. Just grab it!
    Malcolm Pollard Why outsource this when you can create pro eCovers in a fraction of the time!
  • Kk Chan
    First of all, I'd love to give Jimmy a big shoutout about Pixel Studio FX. Jimmy, thank you for creating such an innovating software. I'm a motion designer by trade, and yes, I can create everything you get inside of Pixel Studio FX in professional design software. But it would take a lot longer to create 1 graphic, and to me, time is money! With Pixel Studio FX, I'm able to pick and choose a template, let my clients choose what they want (for styles) and then modify or I can use the ready-made templates inside Pixel Studio FX in literally minutes. Congrats to Jimmy for Pixel Studio FX 2.0, I just can't wait to use it. I'm sure all your great new features are going to be awesome.
    Kk Chan Pixel Studio FX - An Awesome Software To Save Time & Make Money Faster
  • Martyn Brown
    I use this software when I want to create something that looks totally professional, quickly. I do have other software but I need to view the 'how-to' directories before I can use particular features. With Pixel Studio FX, it's so intuitive that you can just click something and it's obvious, you get the job done. Clients ask me back for more simply because of the high standard of creative I produce. Of course, I don't tell them how I do it but, that's the advantage of being an Internet marketer, you can do things that the large corporations simply don't know about. So you beat them on quality of output, pricing and customer service. And all because of Pixel Studio FX. I highly recommend it.
    Martyn Brown Click For Quality, Speed and Ease of Use

Special: Enterprise / Commercial License Included For Free

Sell your creations as your own and keep 100% of the profits!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking the risk for you. You will get an entire 30 days to give the software a try. If you give our software and system a try and you decide it’s not for you, we’ll happily give you all of your money back.

We’re here to support you, and unless we amaze you with our product, we won’t keep a penny of your money. If at any point you are unhappy in those 30 days, please shoot us an email. We will quickly send you every penny back. No questions asked.

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SPECIAL: Enterprise/Commercial License Included For Free!

Sell these designs as your own and keep 100% of the profits!

Answers to Your Questions

Do I need to install it on my computer?

Pixel Studio FX is 100% cloud based. You login and access the design studio online so the only required component is an active internet connection.

Is any of the work "done for you"?

Yup! You’ll get instant access to over 250 pre-made designs in over 23 niches.

Does it work on Windows and Mac?

Yes In fact, it works on any device that can access the web! We’ve tested Pixel Studio FX on multiple devices and different operating systems, even tablets and mobile devices!

Is it a one-time fee or monthly membership?

Guess what? Everything is one-time-only with your Pixel Studio FX membership! No hidden monthly charges or ongoing fees!

I'm not tech-savvy and I worry that I might not understand. Is there training?

Of course! We made sure that there is plenty of training! We have training videos designed to help you learn Pixel Studio FX in and out. Most our users don’t even need the videos, but we put them there just in case. We even labeled each video by category so you can quickly jump right to the best one for your question.

Are updates included?

When we released the updated version of Pixel Studio FX, we upgraded all 9,500 members to 2.0 at no additional cost. We intend to continue that trend with future updates.

Can I upload my own images to Pixel Studio FX?

Absolutely. We allow you to upload up to 50MBs of your own images to be stored on our servers!

How do I get support?

Easy! Our team is standing by and we have support available to help you almost 24 hours a day. Check out our support page or send us an email at

I'm not sure where to get stock images. Do you include any stock images or fonts?

Yes! We’re including 8,000+ stock images plus over 6,000 clipart and web icons with Pixel Studio FX. And guess what? They are all royalty free. That means we already paid to have them so you can use them as many times as you want!

Can we sell the eCovers we create with Pixel Studio FX?

Yes! With our special, we’re offering enterprise/commercial license for free – so you can sell any designs you make as your own and collect 100% of the profits.

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